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    DELE Certificates
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    Prepare your DELE Certificate to take the exam in your country through Instituto Cervantes, reinforce your Spanish language, to obtain fluency and to improve your speaking and writing skills.

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  • Get your dele diplomas for Spanish as a second language, get involve with spanish culture

    Instituto Cervantes
    Spanish as a foreign language

    The Diplomas DELE are official certificates, which give proof of a certain level of Spanish competence and command, and are issued by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

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    With a native teacher with university degree and experience, in a simple and easy way via skype /msn, using official practice material for the preparation of DELE, with flexibility of hours, for all the levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2

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Our teaching philosophy

Our mission is to transmit the Spanish culture and the Spanish World through its language and facilitate to anyone the ability to communicate in Spanish to better understand Spanish people and understand more than 400 million Spanish speakers in the world.


On Spanish Line has a professional teaching team, with specific methodological training to teach Spanish as a foreign language and on-going training through the Cervantes Institute and other recognized organisations. All teachers are native speakers and have university qualifications.


Our courses are structured in 6 levels in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These levels correspond to the Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language by the Instituto Cervantes


Learning Spanish with OSL

AIMS and teaching model

Easier than ever! Nowadays you can have Spanish classes at home and in a simple way. OnSpanishLine.com offers you many Spanish courses online according to your needs.
We concern in the following AIMS:

Maintaining your Spanish level in a funny, dynamic and direct way with a native teacher, so you will practise it through conversation, commenting on the newspapers, movies, documentaries, preparing any topic that you may have to carry out or anything at work that you need/have to do.
To progress in the grammar (from A2 level) in a communicative, oral and written context.
To improve your Spanish language by talking about your favourite books, films and spanish T.V series.
The MAIN ASPECTS of our courses online are:
Native teachers.
Flexibility of hours/days.
Individual tuition.
Number of hours you wish.
No displacement.
Follow-up to your learning.
Having fun learning in a dinamic way.
Compatible with courses in your school throughout the year.
Adapted to your needs or purposes.
Easy System: computer, webcam and microphone, it might help using headphones.

The teaching method of OnSpanishLine.com is based on the task-based approach that helps the student to acquire a level of linguistic ability appropriate to their needs. The interaction between students, teachers and platforms make a great dynamic e-learning. The students take the lead role in completing the tasks, with Spanish as the language of communication.
OnSpanishLine has its own language level assessment test that is taken by each new student at the beginning. After the test, the participant will be allocated to a level based on their written language skills and overall knowledge of the language. The oral language ability will be evaluated through conversation with the teacher.
OSL pays special attention to the ability level of each student. The effectiveness of the teacher-student relationship depends on each student being in the best conditions for them to learn.
Think about expanding your CV with an Official Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Level requirements by Cervantes

Level A1: students will be able to express themselves simply in basic and predictable everyday life situations.
Level A2: students will be able to express themselves adequately in basic social conventions and communicate satisfactorily in everyday life situations.
Level B1: students will be able to express themselves reasonably accurately and with a degree of flexibility in familiar but more complex everyday life situations.
Level B2: students will be able to communicate fluently and with sufficient accuracy, using an approiate register of formality, to express their ideas well, using language siutable for the situation.
Level C1: students will be able to express themselves fluently and spontaneously, using the register necessary for the context of the conversation and the intentions of the speaker.
Level C2: students will be able to express themselves in all types of situations, including discussion on abstract and complex specialised themes.

Level A1 (DELE A1)
Users exchange brief information with questions and answers, within a clear and concrete communicative context.
Level A2 (DELE A2)
Users understand, communicate and express themselves in spoken and written Spanish, using a simple language in daily situations and cultural aspects.
Level B1 (DELE B1)
Users understand and are able to express themselves in communicative contexts, in their everyday life, knowing how to solve problems by themselves.
Level B2 (DELE B2)
Users understand and express themselves in general situations where there is an exchange of information. They express personal attitudes on subjects that are familiar for them or which they are interested in and they speak about their experiences too.
Level C1 (DELE C1)
Users understand and express themselves in different situations with complex linguistic structures - still controlled -, with fluency and in a spontaneous way.
Level C2 (DELE C2)
Users express themselves in an suitable form in any situation, controlling linguistic and cultural elements of a native speaker and discerning meaning nuances.
In relation to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, TClanguages organizes courses in the following manner:

Levels of Dele exams with Instituto Cervantes during 2015 year